Brava By Brius

Brava is a custom-made orthodontic appliance that excels in aesthetics as it is placed discreetly behind the teeth. This innovative technology is unique because each tooth has its own area that moves independently, unlike traditional methods using wires or aligners to move teeth in sections or groups.

For patients seeking a faster, more comfortable orthodontic treatment, Brava by BRIUS may be just what you’re looking for. Brava is a nearly invisible system that aligns your teeth without wires or bands. With Brava, you don’t have to worry about putting anything on or removing it, and you can easily floss and brush. Unlike traditional braces, no adjustments are required, meaning you don’t have to suffer through painful changes or appointments. The best part? Brava works around the clock, delivering perfect results in months rather than years.

With Brava, you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with the comfort, convenience, and expertise of BRIUS.

Say goodbye to lengthy treatment and hello to a stress-free orthodontic experience with Brava by BRIUS.

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Why you should do this?

Brava by BRIUS is the perfect orthodontic treatment for patients seeking a faster, more comfortable, and nearly invisible option for aligning their teeth. With Brava system, there is no need for complicated installation or removal procedures, and you’ll enjoy a continuous treatment that delivers a perfect smile in months rather than years. Brava system is nearly invisible and does not impact the patient’s appearance or oral hygiene routine, making them the perfect option for patients who want to straighten their teeth without discomfort or inconvenience. Contact us today to learn more about Brava by BRIUS and how it can transform your smile.

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We’re proud to offer our patients the latest and most advanced orthodontic treatments, including the innovative Brava system. Our patients love Brava for its comfort, convenience, and nearly invisible design. But don’t just take our word for it. Elizabeth S. recently commented, “All my friends wearing clear aligners are bummed they didn’t know about this.”

With Brava, our patients can achieve a perfect smile in months rather than years without uncomfortable wires or brackets. If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable orthodontic treatment that really works, Brava by BRIUS may be just what you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how Brava can transform your smile.

How much does BRIUS cost

BRIUS is customized to your specific needs and the smile that you desire. Therefore costs may vary.  Talk with your orthodontist today to determine your best treatment plan.

How long will I be wearing BRIUS

Everyone is different, so your treatment plan and your time in treatment will vary. However, BRIUS is the fastest way to a beautiful smile, and typically treatments are completed in about half the time when compared to braces or aligners.

How will BRIUS impact my life?

BRIUS will provide the beautiful smile that you have dreamed of, and best of all, no one will know that you are in orthodontic treatment.  As with all orthodontic treatments, there is an adjustment period after BRIUS is placed, but most people acclimate in a few weeks.

Who can wear BRIUS

BRIUS works for most patients; talk to your orthodontist today to confirm you’re a candidate.

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Things you should know!

Brava vs Aligners Unlike aligners, Brava is a fixed appliance, eliminating the need to change aligners and wear them for many hours daily. When aligners are removed, teeth movement halts, but Brava works continuously, 24 hours a day.

Efficiency and Convenience There’s no need for frequent adjustments with Brava, such as wire changes, power chain adjustments, or replacing ligatures. This results in appointments that are usually more comfortable, efficient, and streamlined than typical orthodontic sessions.

Comfort and Adjustment Period Patients may experience a comfort learning curve typically lasting 1-5 weeks, depending on individual factors. We provide every patient with personalized care and support to help with this initial adjustment phase.

Benefits of Brava After the short adjustment period, you can look forward to:

  • 100% Aesthetic treatment solution
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Fewer orthodontic appointments
  • No compliance worries, unlike the 22-hour daily requirement of aligners

Do you want to have the smile of your dreams?