When should I visit the orthodontist? 

Typically, it is recommended for children to visit an orthodontist when their permanent teeth start to erupt, around 7-10 years of age, to detect any potential deficiencies in their teeth formation. The American Association of Orthodontists also advises that children visit an orthodontist no later than age 7. Meanwhile, adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment anytime to enhance their overall dental health. It’s never too late to achieve a beautiful smile!

What can I expect on my first visit? 

During your first visit to the orthodontist, you will have the opportunity to meet the doctor and our knowledgeable staff, who can address any questions you may have. A complimentary clinical examination will also be conducted to assess whether orthodontic treatment is necessary, and an estimate of the treatment duration and cost will be provided. If you proceed with treatment, a clinician will perform x-rays, impressions, and records. A subsequent appointment will then be scheduled to fit your braces or appliance.

What are aligners?

Aligners are clear, removable trays that are custom-made to fit your teeth. They are a popular alternative to traditional braces to straighten teeth and correct bite issues.

How do aligners work?

Like braces, aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth to gradually move them into their correct position. You will receive a series of aligners that are changed every few weeks, each designed to move your teeth closer to their final position.

What are the benefits of aligners?

Aligners are nearly invisible, making them a great option for people who want to straighten their teeth without the appearance of braces. They are also removable, so you can take them out when eating, brushing, and flossing.

How long does treatment with aligners take?

The length of treatment with aligners varies depending on the severity of your case, but most people wear them for 6-18 months.

Do aligners hurt?

While some people may experience discomfort or pressure when starting a new set of aligners, it is usually temporary and mild.

How do I care for my aligners?

To keep your aligners clean and prevent bacteria buildup, rinse them with water and gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should also avoid drinking anything besides water while wearing your aligners and remove them before eating.

Can anyone use aligners?

While aligners suit many people, they may not be the best option for everyone. Your orthodontist will be able to determine if aligners are right for you based on your specific case.

How does insurance work?

Check with our office for a list of insurance providers. We accept and file most insurances. Contact your insurance provider for a complete understanding of your orthodontic coverage. Please provide us with your insurance information at your first appointment so our staff can check all other details.